I am running to be elected for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County because I am certain that when justice is dispensed fairly, the world is a better place. Based upon my life experiences in and outside of the courtroom, I have all of the tools necessary to be successful as a trial judge.

I have the honor of receiving a rating of “Recommended“ for the position of Judge of the Court of Common Pleas by my colleagues in the Allegheny County Bar Association Judiciary Committee having found that I possess the reputation for the utmost integrity and the legal ability, experience and temperament to excel as a trial court judge in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas.

During my over 24 years as a lawyer, I have represented individuals, small businesses, large businesses, municipalities, municipal authorities, and all in trial courts all over various counties in Pennsylvania. No matter how small or large the case, I made certain that the client got a full and fair hearing when they appeared before the court.

My experience in the law is diverse, having handled car accident cases, property damage cases, medical malpractice cases, business disputes, employment claims, and federal trademark and patent infringement cases, to name a few. All of these areas of knowledge have contributed to my abilities to help my clients.

I have been in so many courtrooms, I have seen and heard what works and what does not work in a courtroom. I have learned what good judges do to contribute to the fair and efficient administration of justice. I will apply my experience and knowledge if I am elected judge.